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Our chimney repair company knows that chimneys may be thought of as being so insignificant and yet are still critical. Having a fireplace in your residence signifies you have a chimney as well. A fireplace stares us in the face whenever we sit in the living areas, so we maintain it very well. However, since a chimney is high up on the roof, secluded in one corner on the roof, a lot of folks tend to neglect its maintenance.

A chimney is open to all sorts of weather that could potentially damage it. At times the damage may not be a very serious one, so you can repair it yourself. But, if it's a severe one then it's better if you hire a professional at our chimney repair company to take care of it.

With our modern times there are a lot of chimneys you can choose from. Some of the available chimneys include masonry chimneys, factory chimneys, and air-cooled chimneys.

If your chimney is cracked and also in need of repair, then you may need to use a professional from our chimney repair company. Please do not hesitate to contact us or call us at 1-866-229-1092 for more details or to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.



"our NORTHERN MICHIGAN home is our pride and joy.  When we arrived to a wet, moldly basement and crawl space we knew we needed help.  We looked all over Charlevoix, Cheboygan and all of Northern Michigan for a competent basement waterproofing professional for help.  Finally, our neighbor suggested we call Timbertown...and we are truly glad we did.  Your staff was very helpful, professional and the services performed were done timely and as agreed.  If you need a reference for other Northern Michigan homeowners with basement problems you are welcome to use us as a reference."

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