Foundation Repair -  Charlevoix, MI

We offer a wide variety of foundation repair and foundation settlement products that will fix any foundation problems in Charlevoix, 49720 that you and your family are dealing with your residence. Our outstanding foundation solutions are very cost effective and are also proven techniques for foundation repair in Charlevoix, Michigan.

Signals That You Need Foundation Repair in 49720

There are recognizable signs that your property is in need of immediate foundation settlement repair. Often your house has:

  • Jamming Doors
  • Stuck Windows
  • Cracked Plaster
  • Listing Chimney
  • Leaning Foundation Walls

Regardless if your family's house is new, this doesn't mean that you can't have foundation issues. There is continuous pressure on your basement from the earth around it, as well as to the sheer weight of your famiy's house.

Foundation Repair Services - Charlevoix, Michigan

Until recently, homeowners had not a lot of choices for fixing foundation walls, their only solution was to excavate around the affected wall and install a new foundation wall. This solution is costly, and very damaging to the surrounding landscaping.

Our foundation repair installation in Charlevoix, Michigan using wall anchors used by us is a simple and effective fix to this issue. The installation is simple – a tiny area is dug, the anchor is put in, then drilling is performed to attach the the support to the interior of the foundation wall. The anchor is now tightened, resulting in correcting the foundation wall and restoring it to its original position. This helps the degradation of the foundation walls and can restore the foundation to its original position.

We have the expertise and craftsmanship to finish your your building's foundation repair. We have a highly trained team of engineers that are dedicated to ensuring the project gets done correctly. Contact us now to find out more on how our foundation repair experience can fix your property in Charlevoix, MI.



"the wet basement we had is now completely dry thanks to your basement waterproofing system and sump pump.  I was skeptical since your bid was about 50% less than other foundation repair firms, but, much to my delight and your good references we got a big problem solved and saved a lot of money.  Thank you to both your installation crew and your professional salesperson"

Mary L. - Oakland County, MI

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