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A Timbertown foundation repair experts have a full line of foundation repair and foundation settlement services that will solve any foundation problems in Hawks, Michigan that your family is dealing with your home. A Timbertown's certified basement resolutions are extremely reasonable and are also reliable systems for foundation settlement repair in 49743.

Signals That You Need Foundation Settlement Repair in 49743

There are signals that your property is in need of impending foundation repair. When your home has:

  • Un-moveable Doors
  • Stuck Windows
  • Cracked Drywall
  • Listing Chimney
  • Bowing Basement Walls

Regardless if your family's property is recently built, this doesn't mean that you cannot experience foundation issues. There is constant pressure on your foundation from the soil around it, in addition to the massive weight of your famiy's building.

Foundation Repair Companies - 49743

Until now, Up until now, building owners had very few choices for fixing foundation walls, except to remove soil from around the problem area and install a new foundation wall. This type of fix is costly, and highly damaging to your landscaping.

Our foundation repair installation in Hawks, MI using wall supports used by us is a simple and effective fix to this issue. The setup is simple – a small area is excavated, the support is put in, then excavation is performed to attach the the anchor to the inside of the foundation wall. The anchor is now tightened, thereby straightening the basement wall and restoring it to its original place. This relieves the bowing of the foundation walls and can return the basement to its first position.

A Timbertown has the skill and craftsmanship to complete your house's foundation repair. We have a highly experienced group of professionals that are dedicated to ensuring the job gets performed correctly. Contact us today to learn more on how our professional foundation settlement repair experience can help your family's home in 49743.



"our NORTHERN MICHIGAN home is our pride and joy.  When we arrived to a wet, moldly basement and crawl space we knew we needed help.  We looked all over Charlevoix, Cheboygan and all of Northern Michigan for a competent basement waterproofing professional for help.  Finally, our neighbor suggested we call Timbertown...and we are truly glad we did.  Your staff was very helpful, professional and the services performed were done timely and as agreed.  If you need a reference for other Northern Michigan homeowners with basement problems you are welcome to use us as a reference."

Tracy & Todd M. - Petosky, MI 49770

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