Wet & Leaky Basement Waterproofing Solution

Timbertown is the exclusive dealer in Michigan for Safe Basementstm Waterproofing System.

The Multi-Flow System is a great and permanent solution to alleviating water in your basement or crawl space.

Multi-flow's dual filter transports water away from your building to keep your basement dry.

For years and in major commercial applications like baseball and football fields the Multi-Flow system was often used to prevent water puddling and ensure efficient drainage during period of unusually excessive rainfall.

Water takes the path of least resistence - from flowing under foundation slabs or even into houses, basements - the Multi Flow System stops the problem for good.

Advantages of using Multi-Flow in your residential wet basement

Whether it is new construction or addressing an existing problem, Multi-Flow is a wise choice because Multi-Flow is:

1) easy to use 2) efficient 3) long lasting and 4) affordable.

Easy to use
- Multi-Flow is a product that homeowners, contractors, and landscape architects love to work with. This is because of its shape, its adaptability, and the flexibility of the pipe.

Efficient - Drainage systems must be able to collect water and transport water. Multi-Flow is best at both of these:

Collect water - Water can enter a Multi-Flow drain more quickly because Multi-Flow has greater surface area than traditional round pipe. The more drainage product that there is in contact with surrounding saturated soil, the more quickly drainage can take place.

Transport water - Once water has entered Multi-Flow flow channels, it moves away from the saturated area quickly because the channels are round and unobstructed. Panel shaped drains are slower to move water and can clog more easily.

Multi-Flow drainage survives punishing loads which would crush other landscape drainage systems.Long lasting - Multi-Flow enjoys longevity because of:

Strength - Multi-Flow is designed to withstand heavy loads. Able to withstand loads well in excess of 6,000 psf, Multi-Flow is not going to collapse due to heavy surface loads in shallow installations or due to earth weight in deep installations.

Improved filtration methods - Clean coarse sand acts as a very effective primary filter. The Multi-Flow system also includes a high-quality and effective geotextile filter as an excellent secondary filter, keeping Multi-Flow s flow channels clean and open. Due to its shape, Multi-Flow is easily encased in sand, assuring a long life, regardless of traffic above it. A narrow 4-inck-wide trench protects Multi-Flow from numerous threats which would be difficult if not impossible using traditional French drain methodology.

Affordable - A completed Multi-Flow system typically costs about half as much as a comparable French drain system. The longer life of the Multi-Flow system brings the per year cost down much further than a traditional system. Contact Us for a free estimate.

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"the basement is now completely dry...the sump pump worked great even when the electricity went out with out since we went with your battery backup sump system....I'll refer your company to friends when I hear of the need......"

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