How to Fix a Wet, Leaky Basement - Permanently in Michigan

The most common source of wet basements is water leakage in through the joint where the floor and wall meet after a rain or snow melt. More than 90 percent of basements leak water from the joint between the floor and walls. Exterior water collects and accumulates in a pocket surrounding the foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure. Water then forces its way through the joint where the floor and wall meet creating a wet basement.

The cause of a wet basement can be minor, easily identified and simply corrected. Discovering the source of your water problem is the first step in fixing your wet basement problem.

There are 3 basic styles of basement waterproofing systems:

Hybrid Systems – The waterproofing systems of the future! These systems have significantly increased longevity and are the most cost effective systems on the market today. They are an ideal solution to all basement waterproofing needs. Learn More…

Footer Systems – Integrate the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true subfloor waterproofing system. Theses systems draw water seepage from the footings as well as any basement wall seepage. Learn More…

Non-Invasive Systems – Ideal remedy for basement waterproofing without the need for digging, trenching or jack hammering. These systems are great for poured or block wall foundations

The Drain Main™ System is maintenance FREE! Giving you "piece of mind" and maintaining the value of one of your greatest investments, your home. After installation of the Drain Main™ System you can make your once dark, wet basement into a warm, inviting space for you and your family to enjoy for years to come! Every job is custom-tailored to fit your unique water management needs!

The Drain Main™ design integrates the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true subfloor tile system. The Drain Main™ System is not submerged in soil that can plug the standard subfloor systems. It requires less than 6 inches of concrete floor removal for installation. This proven, stand-alone system is effective in basements with poured wall or block wall foundations. The Drain Main™ is a reliable investment for your home with a proven track record of eliminating basement water seepage.

Below is a diagram of how the Drain Main™ Footer System will work in your basement:

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