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Whenever a fire burns, whether in a fireplace or a gas-fired furnace, it produces toxic gases that must be directed out of the living area to the outside. The purpose of a chimney is to release these gases. For many years chimneys have been constructed with flues, also known as liners or flue liners.

Masonry chimneys are lined with 2-foot segments of clay pipe that are mortared together during chimney construction.

The purpose of the liner is to prevent gases from leaking from the chimney into the living area. We have seen older chimneys without clay liners.

The inside of the chimney was covered with mortar to provide an airtight seal. These can last many years, but are susceptible to dangerous cracking and leaking and are often unsafe by today's standards.

Sometimes, after a buildup of creosote and a resulting chimney fire, the clay liner gets so hot it cracks. If that happens, the seal is broken and the liner must be replaced.

Don't take chances if you suspect a problem with your chimney.

As of September 2008 A Timbertown is offering customers in the Bay City - Midland - Saginaw - Flint area complete Chimney repair, chimney cleaning and inspections.

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