Bowed or Leaning Walls

Bowed or leaning foundation walls can cause serious structural damage if not corrected. This problem occurs when hydrostatic pressure from excessive water, or the soil surrounding the structure swells and exerts pressure forcing the foundation wall inward.

This can be corrected using wall anchors that are manually and machine driven out past the active zone of moving earth at a downward angle. The structure can be stabilized or restored back to it's original position. We can also address the footing drain issues that may have been the cause of the issue at the same time.

The ECP Plate Anchors are the most recommended method for providing supplemental lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracked walls. This installation can be quickly installed using hand held equipment and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to the yard.

Basement Wall Anchors

Cracked Walls?

FORTRESS Basement StabilizationWater damage or changes in the soil pressure around your home can cause your foundation to fracture or bow. Timbertown uses FORTRESS Carbon-Fiber Reinforcements to bring our customers a cost-effective solution to stabilize basement walls.

FORTRESS Carbon Fiber/Kevlar grid straps can permanently repair cracked or moving foundations without steel I-Beams or tiebacks, leaving walls obstruction-free and ready to paint. More rigid than steel, Carbon Fiber strips can strengthen your foundation up to three times, and they will not rust, mildew, stretch or move over time. Installation is easy, the cost is affordable, and the repair is guaranteed for the life of your home.

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Michigan Bowed Wall Repair



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