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Foundation Settlement Repair - Atlanta

We have a a complete line of foundation repair and foundation settlement products that will fix any foundation settlement problems in Atlanta that you and your family are having with your residence. Our proven basement resolutions are extremely efficient and are also reliable systems for foundation repair in Atlanta.

Indications That You Need Foundation Repair in Atlanta

We recognize that there are recognizable signs that your house needs imminent foundation repair. Often your house has:

  • Jamming Doors
  • Lodged Windows
  • Cracked Drywall
  • Tilting Chimney
  • Bowing Foundation Walls

Even if your property is new, this doesn't mean that your home can't have foundation problems. There is constant pressure on your basement from the soil around it, as well as to the sheer weight of your famiy's house.

Foundation Repair Services - Atlanta

Until now, Up until now, property owners had very few choices for repairing basement walls, except to remove soil from around the affected wall and install an emergency basement wall. This type of fix is expensive, and highly destructive to your yard.

Our foundation repair installation in Atlanta using wall supports used by us is a simple and effective fix to this problem. The installation is easy – a small area is dug, the anchor is installed, then hydraulic jacking is performed to attach the the anchor to the inside of the foundation wall. The anchor is now tightened, thereby correcting the foundation wall and restoring it to its original position. This relieves the degradation of the foundation and can restore the foundation to its original position.

A Timbertown has the skill and experience to perform your home's foundation repair. A Timber Town has a highly skilled group of professionals that are driven to making sure the job gets performed correctly. Call us today to find out more on how our foundation repair experience can help your property in Atlanta.

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Basement Waterproofing, Sump Pump Installation in Pontiac, MI
"the wet basement we had is now completely dry thanks to your basement waterproofing system and sump pump.  I was skeptical since your bid was about 50% less than other foundation repair firms, but, much to my delight and your good references we got a big problem solved and saved a lot of money.  ...
Mary L. - Pontiac, MI 48342