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Foundation Repair - Capac

We have a full line of foundation repair and foundation settlement repair that will fix all of the foundation settlement problems in Capac that your family is dealing with your home. A Timbertown's recognized foundation resolutions are extremely efficient and are also reliable systems for foundation repair in Capac.

Signs That You Need Foundation Repair in Capac

We recognize that there are recognizable signs that your house is in need of immediate foundation repair. Often your house has:

  • Stuck Doors
  • Lodged Windows
  • Cracked Cement
  • Tilting Chimney
  • Bowing Basement Walls

Regardless if your house is new, this doesn't mean that you cannot have foundation problems. There is continuous pressure on your foundation from the earth around it, in addition to the sheer heaviness of your home.

Foundation Repair Contractors - Capac

Until now, Up until now, homeowners had not a lot of choices for repairing foundation walls, except to excavate around the affected wall and install a new foundation wall. This solution is expensive, and very damaging to the surrounding landscaping.

Our foundation repair system in Capac using wall supports used by A Timbertown is a quick and efficient solution to this issue. The installation is quick – a small hole is dug, the anchor is installed, then hydraulic jacking is done to attach the the anchor to the interior of the basement wall. The anchor is then tightened, thereby straightening the basement wall and restoring it to its original place. This relieves the leaning of the foundation walls and can restore the basement to its first spot.

We have the skill and craftsmanship to finish your home's foundation repair. We have an extremely skilled team of experts that are driven to making sure the project gets done right. Contact us now to find out more on how our professional foundation repair experience can help your building in Capac.

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