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Spray Foam Insulation is the most efficient insulation available today.  For a FAST, FREE complete survey and inspection Call or Email Us Today.

Michigan Foam Insulation HomeWith savings of 60% available on your heating and cooling costs there is no comparison. Your Michigan home can benefit greatly by proper insulation.  Take a look at the long list of other benefits you can achieve by using spray foam insulation:


  • Spray foam insulation greatly reduces drafting air through out your house
  • Create a consistent and comfortable temperature through out your house whether one, two or even three levels


  • Spray foam provides a dramatic increase to indoor air quality

Vapor Barriers:

  • A material that prevents the migration of water vapor across it.
  • With the creation of an air tight seal dangerous mold and damaging condensation are no longer a concern
  • Reduce the infiltration of outside air pollutants and gases


  • Spray foam insulation greatly reduces your carbon footprint by lowering your CO2 emissions and conserving energy
  • The addition of spray foam insulation to your home provides significant structural integrity to withstand high winds
  • Spray foam contains no formaldehyde or other ozone depleting substances


  • A house insulated with spray foam will see instant reductions in heating and cooling costs upwards of 60%
  • Heating and Air Conditioning equipment can be downsized
  • Spray foam insulation will never sag or settle as is the case with other insulation methods

Leaking houses need insulation in MichiganAir Control and Loss
All houses and buildings are constantly both losing air and allowing area to enter into the structure through various different locations as seen in the picture to the right. It is important to control this air movement as much as possible by reducing the Air Changes Per Hour or ACH.

Air Changers Per Hour (ACH)
An expression of ventilation rates - the number of times in an hour that a home's entire air volume is exchanged with outside air.

  • Fiberglass has a 0.7 ACH (70%) vs. Spray Foam Insulation has a 0.1 ACH (10%)
  • What the above means is that 70% of interior air is lost involuntarily each hour through the building envelope
  • Using standard fiberglass insulation 17 times a day all of your heating and a/c will be lost vs. 2.4 times a day when using spray foam insulation.

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